Music and Visual Art Composition

Virtual Piano Camp Summer 2021

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This year’s theme is Music and Visual Art Composition. Similar to music, art has a composition. Music has patterns demonstrated through rhythm, notes, and pitches. Art has patterns demonstrated through lines, shapes, and colors creating a sense of rhythm.

Also, music is known for creating and setting the mood. Art can create or convey mood as well.

So, what’s this virtual piano camp all about? Creativity and expression! Over the course of 4 weeks, students will engage in the MOST VALUABLE and FUN “Weekly Piano Club” meetings ever, where they will embark upon a journey of COMPOSING. Students will learn basis of creating motives on the piano and how the creation of pleasant sounding motives will result in creating successful compositions. In other words, students will create their own songs/music compositions. Students will also draw the comparison between music and art and demonstrate this comparison through creation of album cover art.

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The Virtual Piano Camp is open to students ages 5 – 13. Several sessions will be held this summer beginning June 5 through August 21, 2021.

Cost: $125 per student (includes cost of registration, materials, and includes a camp T-shirt)

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