Introduction to Piano Lessons for Preschoolers and Young Beginners

A preschooler learning to play pattern-based melodies on black keys.

An encouraging first experience in music lessons is critical to your child’s long term enjoyment of the piano. In my studio, I use the WunderKeys curriculum to provide just that!

WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers (created by Andrea and Trevor Dow) is a curriculum designed to be that and more. The lessons are tailored to meet the needs of preschool-aged children (ages 3-5) and young beginners (age 5+) to ensure their first music lesson experience is both positive and enjoyable.

The WunderKeys method books are designed to be used in a one-on-one, 30 minute lesson setting. There are three method books each containing 10 lessons for a total of 30 lessons. On average, it takes a child a “school year” to fully complete the program.

Numerous studies reveal the piano to be a powerful tool for developing mathematical thinking. It is relatively unknown that a “window of opportunity” exists during the preschool years when learning the piano can facilitate neural connections in the brain needed for mathematical and spacial understanding later in life. Knowing this window of opportunity is relatively short, and with this research in mind, the WunderKeys materials were developed to make the most of these important early years.

During a WunderKeys lesson your child will participate in musical activities both on and off the piano bench; created to build confidence, increase enjoyment and solidify musical concepts. Songs, rhymes, games, and imaginative activities keep your child engaged and begging for the next lesson!

Interested in enrolling your preschooler or young beginner? Schedule a call with me to learn more about my lesson openings and Preschooler and Young Beginner Piano program offerings.

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