~Rhonda S.

“Brandy is an extra special person and is very blessed and gifted. She has a caring, accommodating and energetic spirit. She is patient and offers suggestions when my new learner is apprehensive. I appreciate her talents and recommend her equivocally as your choice for on line learning.”

~John M. III

“Thank you Brandy for your hard work and dedication to teaching our daughter music.”

~Camille K.

“Brandy is amazing. My daughter started taking piano lessons in person and transitioned to virtual. Brandy has great patience and what she does works well for children with autism.”

~Elysian S.

“It felt like home when I was in your class. Your relaxed cool vibe is inspiring. I have new tools at my disposal as a result of taking your music theory course. You make it easy to learn. My biggest challenge, yet biggest accomplishment was learning to build scales.”

~Crystal A.

“I wanted to expose my son to a different approach of learning music outside of his weekly piano lessons. As a result of your music theory course, my son has walked away with new ways of identifying music, learned scales and other ways of identifying music outside of individual songs.”

~Hafeezah A.

“4 months ago we decided to give Kosey the gift of music and start him on piano lessons. Having never played before, at 5 years old Kosey learned to read notes and play songs on the keyboard without my assistance. I honestly couldn’t be more happy with Brandy‘s Piano Studio.

Brandy uses simple, fun techniques that make learning piano such a joy for young beginners! If you have a preschooler or have thought about lessons for your older children (5 and up), I highly recommend checking out her new course offering this month!!”

~Cassandra C.

“Brandy is an awesome teacher. She is very patient and motivated for each child to be successful, but to also enjoy the learning experience.