I am Brandy Fort.

My student’s call me Ms. Brandy.

I use my creative and results focused leadership approach, my passion, my own musical journey to connect my students to opportunities for new confidence and relationships that support personal growth. I am the confidence creator who connects little one’s to life lessons through musical expression. I am a musician actively leading the process of asking my students to dive into themselves and do what it is they really love. I am a leader who breathes belief in my students where they may be a little insecure. I am a mentor who empowers and inspires my students to be their most authentic selves at the piano.

Those who come along on a musical journey with me find that their confidence increases and their desire to be disciplined at something long enough to achieve excellent results grows. It’s as if the student has had a life changing experience that inspires them to do and be their very best. (See what parents of some of my students are saying here.)

When I first started giving lessons in 2019, I was simply focused on sharing the gift of music with families and teaching kids the fundamentals of piano playing. As time passed and the world faced a pandemic, more and more families were looking for outlets and ways their children could continue to be creative, develop, and learn a skill they would be interested in and benefit from, all while trying to function behind closed doors nearly 24/7. It was at this point that I realized my purpose was greater than just teaching kids to play.

Since COVID-19 I’ve transitioned my in-person lessons and built a virtual piano studio where I work with students online. The students absolutely love it and are flourishing.

Currently, I teach preschoolers (ages 3-5) and beginners age five to adult.

With my preschool and young beginner students, we have a great time learning musical concepts through rhythm rhyme activities, math, and other “play-based” activities on and off the piano bench. We also focus on technique and other skills that make for a great mini musician and build character. With my older beginners and adults, lessons are structured and tailored more towards the goal of each student.

I believe we are all born with an “inner artist” that wishes to express itself and with encouragement, learning to play an instrument is a great way to fulfill this mission and build one’s confidence.

As the confidence creator it is my mission to lead students along a pathway that provides life-changing results.

Let me help your student discover their gifts and build their confidence while taking them on a musical journey they will enjoy.

Games are a great way to help reinforce musical concepts.