Connecting little ones to life lessons through musical expression.

Brandy, the Confidence Creator, uses her passion, her own musical journey, her results focused leadership and tailored teaching approach to connect her students to opportunities for new confidence and relationships that support personal growth.

Personal Growth

Music is not just about notes and scales; it impacts our well-being.

I believe in using music to nurture personal growth, resilience, creativity, confidence, and joy in every moment.

I guide my students in:

Learning foundational skills for reading music; making connections between music and math; strengthening bilateral abilities and developing fine motor skills and coordination; building character as we work through frustrations at the keyboard; and more!

My personalized instruction and holistic approach aims to empower each student not only as a musician but also as a confident and resilient individual.


I use a tailored teaching approach for diverse learners, that allows me to customize and adapt my teaching methods, materials, and strategies to meet the specific needs, learning styles, and abilities of each individual student, building a strong foundation for their musical success.

This personalized approach ensures each student feels valued and understood, which boosts their confidence.

Providing a supportive learning environment encourages my student's to grow and progress at their own pace.

As my student's witness their own development and achievements, their confidence in their musical abilities naturally grows.


I empower my students to embark on their unique musical journeys, discovering and expressing their inner artist authentically.

Learning to play an instrument provides a powerful avenue for my students to authentically unleash their innate desire for self-expression through music.


“Brandy is a gifted music educator. My children are different types of learners, and I could see how Brandy can understand how to best reach each individual child. It is especially delightful to see how my younger child, who tends to get frustrated easily seems so at ease and relaxed when she works through difficult pieces with Brandy. My kids are always excited and eager to have their lessons; it’s such a joy to overhear how they engage with her. We are grateful to be connected with such a positive and supportive teacher.”


“4 months ago we decided to give Kosey the gift of music and start him on piano lessons. Having never played before, at 5 years old Kosey learned to read notes and play songs on the keyboard without my assistance. I honestly couldn’t be more happy with Brandy’s Piano Studio.”

-Hafeezah A.